Sunday, August 19, 2018

Magnolia Market Finds

On a recent trip to San Antonio we made a quick stop in Waco to visit the Magnolia Market. When I say quick I am not exaggerating. It was super crowded and we couldn't find a place to park, so my husband dropped me off and then went to get gas and In-N-Out,  I was in the store for possibly 25 minutes, but I had been there before and had a general idea of where I needed to be to find stuff I wanted. 

Originally I just bought the medium and small size in these canisters, but once I got home I decided I needed the large as well.  I ordered it online and received it within 3 days.  It was packaged adorably and I even got a complimentary Magnolia pencil, Magnolia drawstring bag and the latest copy of the Magnolia Journal magazine.  Great deal!

When I first looked online for the items I bought they were not all up on the website, but I just checked and have linked them below.  My favorite item is the bowl, it's just super versatile and comes in three different sizes.

Rose Stem
(These were actually a free gift for spending over $100,
 but I wanted to include them because they look convincingly real)
Magnolia Candle in the scent of Glasshouse, 
which I cannot find on the website.
The Linen scent had a fresh/clean scent. 
I loved the Glasshouse scent for the same reasons. 
Large Cake Stand  the one in my above pic is a large. 
Brass Lid Cannisters
Paulownia Wood Vase
Natural Mango Wood Serving Bowl mine in the picture is a medium.

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