Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Kitchen Details

Hi there!  I am going to do my best to give you a kitchen tour and source the colors and products we used. If I have any advice when it comes to picking colors it's to study lots of different pictures and visit lots of model homes. You will find the perfect combination that works for you, but don't take it lightly. 

There are so many helpful tools out there that I would say to utilize them all.  Go to Pinterest, study other bloggers and don't be afraid to use those ideas.  People post things so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel and there is no shame in trying out the things you find and then tweaking them to fit your style. We call all those ideas INSPIRATION! 

I have wanted a white kitchen since I can remember, so that decision was easy. The difficult part was deciding on what shade of white to use.  I referred to my builder, Pinterest and other blogs, before deciding on Sherman Williams Pure White (SW7005).  My cabinets, trim and ceilings are all painted in this color and I love it.  It is WHITE and there is no creamy tint, which was what I wanted.  I like to think of it as bleached white, it would definitely pass the tissue test if it were teeth! 

We used Sherman Williams Repose Gray (SW7015) on the walls. 

The floors are white oak and are a 5" plank.  We used a local Kansas City company called SVB Wood Floors.  I wanted a natural look, but was a afraid to go without a stain, but they had an actual Natural Stain color and that is what we used. We have two big dogs and so far we have had good luck with it holding up to wear and tear. 

The back splash is a called Dove Gray Diamond Mosiac,  It was the first thing I picked for the kitchen.  It was also the first tile I saw when I walked into the showroom for my first appointment.  I kept walking passed it, because I knew it was going to be out of our budget.  

When you build a home you are told to stay within certain "sticker color" if you want to to stay within budget.  I was supposed to be picking out items with "green stickers." It took about 30 minutes for me to abandon that idea. I had planned to spend more on certain items, but the truth is when you build it will happen time and time again.  This is when the stress starts to set in!

This pot filler never gets used, because I always forget about it!  When I make pasta, I grab the pan, fill it in the sink and then turn around to set it on the stove and see the pot filler. I hope I will start remembering, but even if I forget more times than not, I love how it looks.  This pot filler is in champagne bronze and is by Delta.  

I wanted to do something different for the hood.  I did not want a wall mounted hood, so I just kept searching for different ideas and finally found something on Pinterest that peaked my interest.  I sent a picture to our cabinet maker and he said he could do it, so I was thrilled. That would be my second piece of advice...don't be afraid to ask. It may be too expensive or they might just say no, but it's better than living with the regret of not trying. Eventually I may paint it a different color, but for now I am happy with the white. 

We had quartz counter tops in our old house and I wanted them again, simply because they were so easy to care for.  They are durable, require little care, and I think they look gorgeous. We used the company Legendary Stone and went with Q Quartz in Calcutta Classique, It is very pretty! 

The bar stools were a special order at Nebraska Furniture Mart, but I have also seen them online HERE.

The faucet and accessories are all from the Delta Cassidy Collection and are also in champagne bronze.  

We are loving this Avanti Wine/Beverage Cooler.  It is nice because it has controlled temperatures on both sides.  One side is for soda and water and you can set the other side for either white or red wine. 

The Samsung black stainless steel appliances have been great and don't show smudges too badly. The refrigerator was not my thing, but my husband wanted to be able to watch television on the fridge (can you feel my eyes rolling).  I never use the features in has to offer, because is it nothing but confusing! 

I wanted to use rain glass on the kitchen cabinets, but it was not an option with the cabinet company we used, so I went with bead glass instead.  This was one of those "happy accidents" because I don't think the cabinet lighting would have  been as vibrant through rain glass.  The plates in the top cabinets were not a splurge...I got them HERE and I love the black orchid print. 

This table was a surprise.  It was not on my radar.  I looked at so many wood tables and none of them were working.  I even returned two tables, because they were not complimenting the space.  My husband picked this one out and we nearly got in argument over it, because it was not wood, but after going home and considering his opinion I realized he was right.  The table and chairs are both made by Four Hands Furniture, but we purchased them at Nebraska Furniture Mart.  Currently the chairs on sale HERE.

My biggest dilemma in the kitchen was picking lights.  I don't know why, but this was challenging for me and I still am not 100% satisfied.  I see stuff all the time (online) that I like more. The only explanation I have is that the lights were one of the last things picked and by then I was broke and tired!  I changed my mind four times and I am pretty sure I drove the lady crazy. In the end I went with simple lights for the island and something within budget above the table (thinking I can change it out eventually). We used Wilson Lighting in Overland Park, Kansas.  

That pretty much covers the kitchen.  Thank you for taking the time to stop by and please let me know if you have any questions.  Have a great day!

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