Tuesday, April 3, 2018


When we moved I told myself I did not want to start collecting a bunch of stuff that I didn't need and would want to get rid of a year later. I have been trying to take my time picking my "tchotchkes," but I am failing!

I just bought these items for the kitchen counter, but I didn't spend a ton of money, so I am not feeling overly guilty. 

The marble tray is from Target. It is heavy, but the quality is great and love the gold handles. I picked up the wine glasses at World Market, but I could only find the stemless version online. 

I wish I could find a link to the cute bottle of matches. I love them,  because the look adorable and have a strike pad on the side of the bottle.  I found them at Home Goods and the brand is Botanique

 The scented candle is from DW Home. The scent is smoked teakwood & vetiver.  It has a musk smell that I find relaxing.  I am not a fan of fruity or floral scents, so if you feel the same way you'd love this scent. 

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