Thursday, April 5, 2018

Kitchen Island

The kitchen island in our house is good sized.  It looks really plain without anything sitting on it, but the hubs likes it bare. I can't stand it bare, so I added an apothecary jar and began collecting wine corks from special occasions. I have been trying to use a marker to write the date and a brief description about who the bottle was shared with or I where I was (like vacation spots).  It is fun to see them and read things like "Girls Lake Trip 6/17), because it brings up a fun memory or two. The apothecary jar  is from Overstock, but I could not find the exact jar, so I linked a similar one. 

I fell in love with these candle holders when I saw them. I love it when you see something and it just fits your style and there is no indecisiveness.  I feel like I wear myself out sometimes making simple unimportant choices.  The candle holders are from Zgallerie.  They now com in gold, which I would have bought instead if they were available at the time I bought mine. 

Have a great Thursday...the weekend is almost here! 

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