Monday, November 19, 2012

Long Over Due....

This is a shot that my friend took this past March, which I know is well over due to be posted.  What can I say, I guess I took a long break from the blog world.

We had to run down the strip to grab our luggage from our hotel so we could catch our plane.  When I say ran I am being literal, we were in a dead sprint.  My friend was lassoed by a street perfomer dressed as a cowboy, but she was able to throw the rope over her head before he tightened it. We were laughing our asses off.  We were tripping over our own feet, dropping our shopping bags, bumping into people, almost got hit by a cab....sound fun? 

Well, it was too much fun.  We had just downed a bottle of wine at Mon Ami Gabi and it was game on when we realized the time.  We had just enough time to stop for this fabulous shot.....don't worry, we did not miss the plane.

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