Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Destin 2012

We left for Destin this year in early June.  Had a wonderful stay and enjoyed the low-key vibe. The weather was not too hot, which made for long lazy days in the sun. 

Our daily agenda:

1.  Wake-up around 10 and eat a light breakfast. 
2.  Headed down to our lounge chairs around 11:30.
3.  Lounged on the beach most of the afternoon.
4.  Late afternoon naps.
5.  Wake-up from the nap and hang out on our deck. 
6.  Head our for dinner around 8. (Back Porch, McGuire's, Dewey's, etc.)
7.  Walk the beach for an hour (drinks in hand).
8.  Continue to sit out on deck, listening to the waves, kids laughter, and 
     watching the flashlights comb the beach for sand crabs.

View from our deck...my favorite spot.

We watched a family make this one afternoon.
Wonderful weather most days.

It was a perfect vacation.

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twoandlu said...

These photos have me missing the beach. Sounds like you had a great vaca!