Monday, September 26, 2011

Pinterest is causing me to lose my mind....

I have a sickness and it is called pinterest.  I just wallpapered the inside of my office with wrapping paper.  Help....I am losing my mind. 

Still trying to think of something creative to do with the dowel rod.


Lucky Mama said...

LOVE Pinterest! LOVE your office closet. FUN! I just decorated my mantle today for fall via ALL the ideas I found.

Ummmm??? Is that your Kaboodle??? from 1990??? That dang thing is probably "vintage" see what they are selling for on Ebay. :)

Saw a metal chicken today, thought of you and Beyonce. :)

Earthier said...

Yes, that is my peach and green Kaboodle that we bought for college. Matched our peach/green comforters. Can you believe I still have that thing? It is now a sewing kit.