Sunday, August 21, 2011

Disturbing and Gross

I recently took a hammer to our bathroom tile and found an old strawberry soda bottle hidden below the jacuzzi tub. It has been there for 15 years, because some lame worker couldn't be bothered to find a trashcan. The thing that is most disturbing is the artificial flavoring has yet to decompose.
Smash, crash, rip, tear... it was fun.
After pictures will be post MUCH later.


Been hiding under my tub for 15 years!

Still bright red, still smelled like strawberry.

 Now tell me, what does this do to your body?


Lucky Mama said...

Gross, Gross, Gross!!!

When we were building our house in CO the workmen were peeing in the corner of the family room on the subfloor. The ironic thing was, there was a port-a -john right outside. UGH!!!

What new tile did you pick? Can't wait to see!

Earthier said...

I do not understand some workmen, they do the the most lazy/disrespectful things! PEEING...come on!!