Friday, July 15, 2011


UPDATE:  After hours of frustration I gave up and took everything down.  Now I have nothing on top of my cabinets and I feel liberated!

Jeff Lewis has shamed me.

If you watched this weeks episode of Flipping Out, you hear Jeff scold his client for her use of faux greenery and baskets for the space above her cabinets.  I immediately felt guilt and then shame for suffering the same offense. 

I hate space above the cabinets...hate it.  Unfortunately, we have a lot of space above ours and we aren't moving anytime soon, so Jeff what do I do?  What do I put up there that is not a decorating crime?  You could have at least offered a solution!  I am hoping next week we will see the finished product and my problems will be solved.

Here are some ideas I love, but don't necessarily work for my space.  If you have any new ideas, please let me know!

House at Ross traditional kitchen
Baskets are great, too bad Jeff says NO.

My space is way taller than this, so this will not work for me.

Love, but not for my house.

Baskets again? 
Maybe it is faux greenery that is the real crime.

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Lucky Mama said...

I too wish my cabinets went to the ceiling. I have always just left mine empty and added baskets (texture) to other parts of the room, but I'm sure you think of something fabulous....can't wait to see!