Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Brugge, Belgium

Brugge is a medieval city that had fortifications being built as far back as 1128.

When we first arrived it was raining and I felt like I had just walked into a fairy tale.

These little guys greeted us as we walked down the cobblestone streets.

We ate on the porch of this restaurant as the rain drummed on the awning.  Beef stew, bread and good wine kept us warm and I have to say I have never felt more relaxed.  It was magical.

We purchased umbrellas and began window shopping.  Belgium chocolates were abundant!

As you walk down the narrow streets, ocassionally a Porche or Ferrari would crowd the street and you would have to jump out of the way.

The sun was setting, so we headed to the castle.

The castle is owned by a nobel family.  The castle dates back to 1350.

The castle was refurbished in 1875.  The German's occupied the castle during WWII.

View from our window.

Market Square the next morning. Reminded me of the opening scenes from Beauty and the Beast.

We bought meats, cheese, bread and huge red grapes for our train ride to Paris.


It was wonderful.  The next pictures are of the town as we roamed, stopping for chocolate, beer and general conversation.  I didn't want to leave...EVER!

Next up....Paris.


Lucky Mama said...

Awesome photos! What a great place...aahhh, the castle is magical! Can't wait to see Paris!


Jan said...

Magical indeed.....just magical!