Sunday, June 12, 2011


Amsterdam Square...lots of street perfomers and activity.

Typical street scene in Amsterdam.  Everyone walks or rides a bike. 

The architecture was wonderful.

Trying to decide where to go once we arrived. 

I would have loved to see some of the apartments from the inside.  A small one bedroom apartment cost over $500,000 dollars!  They have very little space, but the trade off would be the environment.

So pretty!

Lots of good beer!

Many of the buildings have colored shutters that add to the charm.

Our the center of Amsterdam.

The Anne Fank House....they survived on the top two floors for two years before being captured by the Germans. The hideout was actually her fathers place of business, rather then their actual home.  The tour was somber and it left you feeling angry at the injustice.

Church behind Anne Frank's hideout.

Amsterdam is known as the "Venice of the North," because of it's many canals.

Cutest couple ever!  Every picture they took looked this good.  JP and mine...not so much.

Exhibit #1
JP looks beter than me, but we can never manage to look natural in a picture.

We saw lots of smart cars throughout all of Europe.

Cute, yet again.

Gorgeous historical convent.

So peaceful and such a contradiction to the Red Light District only steps away.

Next up....Brugge.


Lucky Mama said...

Gorgeous, Awesome, Amazing!!! Enjoy every minute my friend. Call me when you get home.


Jan said...

Wow, looks fabulous! Great photos.