Sunday, April 3, 2011

Little Rock

We recently took a weekend trip to Little Rock.  The flowers were in bloom (which is just starting to happen in KC), our family was wonderful, and the city was welcoming. 

We toured the Clinton Library. I looked for "the dress" but for some odd reason it was not on display.

I did see some amazing things.  One being a hand written letter to President Clinton from Mother Teresa....touching. 

Another was a birthing kit that Mrs. Clinton helped distribute to thousands of African mothers to help reduce the infant mortality rate.  The kit was slightly larger than a deck of playing cards.  I thought I was going to see some miraculous medical insturment that made things safe, but the kit simply contained matches, a razor and a clean paper towel.  I was shocked, but humbled by the fight for survival. 

Little Rock Visitors Center

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Lucky Mama said...

Aahhh.....tulips! Looks like you had fun. Where was the dress? Call me, we need to catch up. :)