Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dreading the Holidays?

Once upon a time I enjoyed the holidays. When Q was little it was a lot of fun, but as he got older (and less excited), the holiday sparke got dimmer.

Family issues also began to spoil the fun, but there are a few things that I still look forward to. When I was young my Mom and I would have lunch at the Crystal Pavillion, which is now known as Milano, and then shop at Halls and Crown Center. I have to say I enjoyed it more when it was the Crystal Pavillion. I don't like the food as well, but the atmosphere is the main reason to drop by, especially during the Christmas season.

Outside the shiny glass pavillion is the Mayor's Christmas tree, the ice skating rink and wonderful holiday lights. I can't say the shopping at Crown Center is great (it is prety blah), but it is the perfect atmosphere to get in touch with your Christmas spirit.

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Lucky Mama said...

Oh, how I miss Crown Center and the Country Club Plaza for the Holidays.

I have decided to embrace this season with open arms and not the commercialism stress me out!

Come visit me and we can make cookies, listen to Christmas music and drink hot cider. :)