Saturday, September 4, 2010


Life Is Beautiful


Just checked out a website called and it's great.  I have a couple of weekend getaways coming up and this website is making it easy for me to figure out what to wear and where to find it.  No, I won't be wearing those denim shorty shorts!  I am loving the fedora, but concerned I am too old to pull it off.


Lucky Mama said...

No, No, No!!! You are not too old to pull off the fedora!! Go for it! I'm buying one for myself, I love hats!

Earthier said...

You are such a good friend! I will be 90 and you'll be telling me to go for it...wheel you chair on over to the mall and buy those HOT PANTS!

Lucky Mama said...

That's right because you will still be able to ROCK em!!! :)

Jan said...

Lucky Mamma is so right, you can absolutely pull off the Fedora.....I will take pictures if you wear it on the weekend outing I am with you on.....:-)