Sunday, September 5, 2010

Picture Garden

I attempted to put together a picture garden this weekend.  A while back I bought some original antique architectural designs off eBay (here) and finally got around to hanging them.  I am not entirely happy with the way this looks, so if you have any helpful suggestions my ears are wide open. 

The far left (top) frame is actually a 105 year old piece of linen with the Gettysburg Address printed on it. I am not an antique collector (at all), but something about these designs appealed to me. 

Work in progress.

Done for now, but not loving it.

Love the prints, just not sure about the wall placement.          

Let me know your thoughts.  I am always open to consturctive feedbag.


Lucky Mama said...

I like the placement, I think you did a great job with the spacing. Leave it up for a few days, you may start loving it. :)

Earthier said...

That is true...I feel better about it today. I am always critical of stuff I do, but like you said, just walk away and forget it.

Jan said...

It has a good flow.....I like it!