Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm Working On It

I am cynical by nature, so whenever I start feeling things are going too well, I always pause and wait for disaster.  I even think I am somewhat superstitious, because I have been known to knock on wood or say my worst fears outloud in an attempt to deflect them and prevent them from happening. 

So, my point is that I don't normally go around saying how great life is going, but today was worth sharing. Small things happen that cause your heart to glow and hope is restored.  Today that moment came when I was told about a conversation an almost 19 year old boy had with his grandmother.

His words (this is not a direct quote, but it went something like this):

"I've decided that life isn't about making money or pleasure.  It's about having a purpose and making a difference, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. I'm working on it."


Lucky Mama said...

That's awesome! One proud mama moment for sure!! To figure this out at 19 is a gift! Good job! said...

Julie has to be very cool with this.

Earthier said...

Yes Becky she truly was! She loves driving him back to MU because he's a captive audience and they have great conversations.