Saturday, September 25, 2010

51-13 Victory!

Parents weekend at MU was a blast.  I got to hug my baby boy on his 19th birthday and watch the Tigers bludgeon the RedHawks.

Q took us on a tour of his fraternity and I am kicking myself for not taking pictures.  He is on the third floor, since he is a pitiful pledge, but the rooms on the second floor were freaking awesome. They were huge!  One room had a hot tub and another had a putting green. Man caves at there finest.

Boys live like pigs, but I understand the brotherhood vibe in the house.  They just barge in on each other and nobody seems to mind.  They wear each others clothes without getting pissy and pulling hair.  They seem to genuinely enjoy living in a hobble as long as they have someone to play beer pong with. I am happy for him, but seriously thinking of sending him a fire ladder so I can sleep peacefully.  The house is old and had exposed wires in way too many places!

My Mom came too...even sported some black and gold.

He only cooperated for his mother-n-law.
Q said he would grace us with one shot, so he can only blame himself  for this.

I actually taught this Golden Girl.  She is a great kid. She even waved at me!

Dan Hock (#77)  is  6'7" and 315 pounds. He protected Blaine Gabbert all afternoon.
Time Out!
Future student...too cute.

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Lucky Mama said...

Oh, looks like fun!!! Q is 19? UGH!!!
It takes me back to our college days my fun!
Looking good my friend!!!