Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Show Me Your Teeth

Lady Gaga made it to Kansas City.  We had the best time!  The concert was awesome and my favorite number was Show Me Your Teeth.  Gaga put on a great show and her fans joined in the fun.

Table next to us at dinner in the Power & Light District.

Sprint Center before the concert.        

Fans having fun!
All kinds of FABULOUS!
They were totally sober. 
The guys cracked me up.
Yes, it was see through.
Tiny fans!
They tried.
Opening song, started while she was in the shadows.
The "living dress." It moved randomly and evenually sprouted wings.
Most entertaining concert I have been to....and I've been to a lot!


Lucky Mama said...


I'm jealous!!!

Looks like you got some crazy photos of some crazy people. I love it!!!

Jan said...

It was one of the most entertaining concerts!! I am so glad we all got together to go!

Jan said...

dang, I think I commented wrong, I signed into google, but I don't think I did that as a follower of your blog, because my picture did not come up, sheesh! Too much to think about after a glass of wine!