Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Phi Sigs Never Knew What Hit Them

My best friend since high school just posted about our friendship and it had me choked with emotion. You can check it out here at  Sweet Pickles.  I had to write back to let her know that I feel the same way about her and our wonderful friendship that has lasted our entire adult life.

We met through boys...rotten boys that we had no business dating.  The boys (I wouldn't dare call them men) happened to be best friends, so they took us on a double date We managed to dump those dudes, but remained friends despite them.  Now that time has passed I can say that the emotional warfare they inflicted was worth the teenage angst, because it forged the path for Catherine to come dancing into my life.

I say dance, because that is what she did.  She didn't walk, swagger or skip, she Roger Rabbited in, full of life and laughter.  She wrote some very lovely things about me, but what she didn't tell you was that the first night we met, she thought I was dark and sinister.  I can't say I blame her since I was wearing holey jeans and black boots, but I liked her immediately.

I came from a neighboring high school where the girls tended to be mean.  Catherine wasn't mean, she was bright eyed and engaging.  She asked questions and listened to the answers.  She cracked jokes and laughed at herself.  She made it easier for me to laugh at myself, because she teased with a kindness that helped me learn not to take things so seriously.

First day of college orientation, we thought our parents would never leave.

We were college roomies for a semester at NWMSU.  We had matching peach and green comforters, as well as, matching make-up Caboodle's (I still have that damn is my sewing kit now). Everyone assumed we were sisters, with our matching dark hair and eyes and I always took their mistake as a giant compliment.  Catherine is a tiny thing and strikingly beautiful, so for them to assume we were related was flattery at its best. 

One semester doesn't seem long, but it was enough time to make some wild memories. The summer before we started college, Catherine was at Disneyland and met a guy that was a Phi Sig at our college to be.  She looked him up when we arrived on campus and here is where the Phi Sigs come into play.  We nicked name a lot of guys in that fraternity for various reasons.  The beauty of our 20+ year friendship is that just mentioning words like "Plato" sends us into fits of laughter.

 These were not even our bikes, but they were outside our dorm, so we posed with them. It was Catherine's was ALWAYS here idea...LOL. 

We moved in different directions as adults, but I have watched her blossom into an amazing lady.  She is the lucky mama of three darling kids.  I love to see pictures of the kids, because I see Catherine's sparkly personality in their eyes and smiles.  Lucy was adopted from China, so she may not look like her mommy, but I hear stories and I know Catherine's personality is oozing out of that cute kid.  She makes jokes and has the same breezy spirit her mother has.

I was in awe of her independence when she took off for the Gateway to the West.  She just up and left with a determination that few people possess.  The St. Louis Arch blessed her with a husband that carried her over the threshold and off to Seattle.  She lived by herself in Seattle while her hubby tied up some loose ends and my admiration for her grew even more.  Being all alone in a new city, far from home, seemed to only strengthen her. 

Catherine is the most creative person I know.  She loves to decorate and is always coming up with some new ideas to spice up her house.  She decorated her daughters room with lady bugs and it was magical.  She can make shelves, antique cabinets, and scrapbooks better than Martha.  She's also a talented photographer and has done a beautiful job documenting her family life on her blog Sweet Pickles.

I know Catherine as well as I know myself.  If I am having an insane moment and doubting myself, it comforts me to know that Catherine is out there and just a messaging device away...once upon a time it was just a landline away, bittersweet time flies by.


Lucky Mama said...

Aawww!!! Thanks friend!!!
I'm so glad you didn't mention the night at the Phi Sig house when I tried to do a headstand. :)
You're amazing, this is so beautifully written.
Where on earth did you find these photos???

Earthier said...

I have all my old stuff from college in high school in a trunk, so it just took some digging. I also had photos of that day with our mom's, Fred and George. They all looked so young (including us)!