Saturday, July 3, 2010

The House That Built Me

The newest song by Miranda Lambert, called The House That Built Me, has me thinking. When I was a tween I had a bedroom decorated in rainbows and was pure awesomeness! The wallpaper was checkered in a tic tac toe rainbow pattern, the velour blinds were green, and I had a rainbow comforter with cool fabric wall hangings to tie it all together. 

To make things even more awesome, I had a blue chair from Function Junction that folded out into twin bed for sleepovers.  My dresser was actual rolling crates that came in three different colors (white, yellow and red).  I loved that room, and wrote a secret message on the wall of my closet that was not visible unless you crawled deep into the back (and I wonder if it is still there, since the house is still standing).

I wish I had photos of it to share. I spent a lot of time daydreaming in that room.   I have found a few images that I once loved to help me get in touch of that fearless little kid I once was, that believed dreams were for conquering.

One of my favorite movies of the 80's was Legend.  This was way before Tom Cruise became a one man circus act.  Honestly, he maniacal laugh gives me goosebumps, but he was once a heartthrob. My friend had his All the Right Moves poster on her wall and we swooned over it.  I wanted to be Mia Sara and touch the unicorn.

I just added this movie to my Netflix.

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Anonymous said...

Got to love that unicorn. No kidding!