Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Death & Co.

While in New York, we were lucky enough to stop by Death & Co. in the East Village.

The front doors match the ominous name.

The doorman politely told us they were at capacity, but with the bat of some eyes, he ducked in the door, popped back out and told us he cleared a booth.  We sat in a private area at the end of the bar. You can see the awesome chandelier hanging above our booth in this picture! 

I view from the front door. 

The head bartender Brian Miller, makes his amazing drinks behind this gorgeous bar. 

I had the most delicious drink. It was a smoky, fragrant Oaxaca old-fashioned, made from reposado tequila, mescal, and agave nectar, then finished off with a flamed orange twist.  It was served with one giant ice cube.

It was a unique place and made me feel like a hip New Yorker. 

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