Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

 Bo loves George....won't leave his lap when he visits.

Most girls are born to a great dad who immediately gives them unconditional love when the pee stick reads positive, which is a pretty sweet deal, but I think my deal is even sweeter.  I have a Dad that loves me, not because I was automatically linked to his heart from birth, but because I was just part of a package deal.  He married my mother and graciously accepted me into his life and I didn't make it easy for him!

I was 8 the first time I met him and it was New Year's Eve.  My Mother had three friends and their kids over to celebrate.  We had dinner, watched movies and were getting ready to serve a late dessert when the doorbell rang.  My Mother then announced that she invited another friend over for dessert and skipped off to answer the door.  In walked a 6'1" man with graying hair, and I remember having an immediate reaction....this George character is trouble.

I don't know why, but I just knew that he was going to change my life and I wasn't having it. When he asked where the bathroom was I told him it was in the basement.  The basement bathroom was nothing but a roughed in room with concrete walls and a big nasty toilet sitting in the center of it (no toilet paper that I can recall).

When he started for the basement, my mom asked where he was going and when he told her, she looked at me with shock and humiliation.  "Why did you tell him to go down there," she asked?  I just shrugged my shoulders and burst out laughing. My mom explained to George what awaited him in the basement and he simply smiled at me while shaking his head with a smirk on his face.  My mom then instructed me to tell him where the guest bathroom was.

He actually came back after that.  Most men would have run for the hills, but he didn't.  Instead he brought me a Valentine in February with a Snoopy watch. I got mad at him, (I honestly can't remember why), so I ripped up the card and put it on the kitchen table (I wore the watch...I'm no dummy).

He drove me to school when my mom lost her keys, even stopped for rainbow sprinkle donuts, and I told him he looked old because he had gray hair (he was only in his earl y 40's).

He showed up to my birthday party in November, won me a huge stuffed Saint Bernard at Worlds of Fun and I named it Georgette.

 George and my Grandma Ida (she's 96)!

My Mother says I was testing him to see how much he would take, but the truth is I was brutal.  At some point my defenses lowered and I let him love me and what a bittersweet love it has been.

He married Mom when I was 10 and we all know I am now 40.  Thirty years have gone by and what I have learned is that a Dad's love wraps around us and makes us feel safe. He is the one man that can smile at you and make you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world, even when you're at the breakfast table with bedhead and holes in your pajamas. He makes you feel like anyone you marry is the luckiest man on earth, he makes you feel like all your dreams are possible, he thinks you're the perfect daughter, if you're not a perfect person.
He paid for violin, singing and dance lessons and yelled at me when I deserved it.  He carried me through a haunted house while I screamed bloody murder into his ears. He bought a candy apple red sports car for himself, but proceeded to let me drive it to high school everyday. He sat through recitals, graduations, and bad movies like Xanadu.

 The Boys (don't tell the hubby...he hates this photo).

He became a Granddad and extended the love to my son.

He became the most important man in my life.

He is my Dad and I wish him the happiest Father's Day ever. 


"The Wild Life" said...

AAAHHH!!! You're making me cry!!! George is an amazing man and a great step dad. You are blessed!!!

Jan said...

What a beautiful tribute to George. I hope he reads it sometime, although I am sure he knows what he means to you, it is always nice to hear it. Nicely done.