Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Will It Ever END??

I am tired, cranky and just plain fed up.  Snow days are like a curse word.  I spit on you snow days!

This is how my job currenlty makes me feel.

I need a looooong summer break...luckily one is just around the corner!


"The Wild Life" said...

Are you coming to see me????
I did a post about "mama drama" and then deleted it...that's why it's showing up on your feeder but, not on my post.
Just came home from Sex in the City 2 and found two teenage girls peeing in my side yard. WTH!!!

Earthier said...

Peeing in your yard...sounds like something we would have done!

I am headed to Sex2 after work today. Hope it's good.

I woudl love to come see you! I will call you when I get out of school and we will discuss a time.