Saturday, May 29, 2010

Renting the Runway

Here are the dresses I am considering renting.  I have a couple of events this summer that are going to require me to get dolled up, so this is a great option. By renting the dresses, I can afford to wear a new dress to each event, rather than purchasing one that I will have to wear to all the events.  It also means the dress won't have to hang in my closet after the summer, gathering dust and then be given away because it is no longer in style!  You all know what I mean?  I am horrible about wearing something once and then being OVER it. 

This dress is by LaRock.  Rental fee is $50.  

This dress is by Helmut Lang.  Rental fee is $75.

I am excited about both....they are very different, but oh so cute.


"The Wild Life" said...

Super cute!!! What about checking out your local Ross or TJ Max??? You may be able to purchase 2-3 dresses for $50. Call me crazy but, it can be done. I bought a super cute dress last week at Ross for a whopping $11. Looks designer...without the $$$.

Earthier said...

Trust me...I check out TJ Max and Marshal's on a regular basis! Love those discount stores!

The dress on Rent the Runway are by major designers, not likely to be found at the discount stores...unfortunately.

"The Wild Life" said...

No, I know you cannot find THESE dresses at a discount store but, you can find dresses just as cute, if you dig a little. I love the thrill of the hunt. :)

"The Wild Life" said...

Let me say I do LOVE, LOVE this "netflix of dresses" for a swanky event for sure. Too fun!!!! Great idea!!!