Thursday, May 6, 2010

Puppy Love

The puppy has arrived.  He still has no name, but we are working on it.  Bo has been so darn good that I have to say he is the best little dog ever.

Possible names:  Gus, Abe, Tug, Ty, Tyke

Do any of you have good name to share?  We are sort of stumped.

He is an honoree little puppy and a little too sure of himself.  We are hoping he learns the new rules SOON! He looks innocent enough in this picture, but he has a tendency to bite Bo.  Bo hasn't growled or bit back once.  If anything he is very protective of the puppy.  I keep telling him to stop letting the puppy be the boss!


"The Wild Life" said...

Romeo??? Is that too fluffy for J???
I don't know why but, I can't see the photo...

"The Wild Life" said...

Oh my god....I think I'm in LOVE!!! How cute is he??? Thanks for reposting so, I could see him. :)

Jan said...

Such cute doggies!! Have you picked a name yet????

Earthier said...

No name yet. Q comes home this Thursday to do the honors.