Saturday, May 29, 2010

Convenience VS Department of Revenue

I would NEVER put the words convenient and the Department of Revenue in the same sentence, but the internet has changed that forever.  I may be telling everyone something they already know, so please forgive my enthusiasm, cause this is new to me!

My license plates are about to expire, so I have been gearing myself up.  I got the inspection yesterday and then came home and gathered all my paperwork (tax payment receipt, etc.).  I then dug out the little postcard the D of R sent and noticed in the top corner there was a little blue box stating I could renew online....Yeah Sure.

I sat down to my laptop and POOF within 5 minutes I have new tags on the way. This was without standing in the endless line, without getting up to the counter only to realize I had forgotten my proof of insurance, and without the awkward befriending of the person standing in front and behind you.

It a word.....CONVENIENT. 

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