Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Big Versus Aidan

I am just one of many that is excited about Sex and the City 2.  I originally wasn't going to post about this movie, since so many other bloggers have covered it, but I have to discuss my feelings about Aidan making an appearance.

I loved Aidan and I loved Big.  When Carrie was with Aidan I wanted her back with Big, then when she got back with Big I missed Aidan.  I was never happy and now the previews are teasing me! 

I have to believe that Carrie will stay with Big.  He was the one guy she could NEVER get out of her system, so why would she finally accept Aidan as her soul mate? I am going to place bets that she gets caught up in the excitement of seeing Aidan, BUT she is just creating a little drama to spice things up.  I am really hoping that Aidan walks away unscathed. Carrie treated Aidan poorly and if they allow her character to continue to torment him I will be a disappointed (for about 2 minutes).

Now, I realize this is only a movie, but what made this series so fun was how invested you got in the characters.  In real life if you were lucky enough to choose between Aidan and Big, which choice would you make?

I am confident that I would have chosen Big (fully knowing that Aidan was the emotionally safe choice), because I would have been all about the challenge. 

On the other hand, if you got to chose between Chris Noth (55) and John Corbett (49) which would it be?

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"The Wild Life" said...

Yikes!!! I would have to agree...I think they are bringing Aiden back to just "spice it up" I really think Carrie will stay with Big. I too would pick Big, oh, we all have a Big out there! In real life I would pick John Corbett...based solely on looks!