Saturday, April 3, 2010

To Buy or Not to Buy

This suit is $35 (including shipping).  I am thinking about buying it, simply because I am pretty sure it will fit.  I have the inconvenient problem of having to buy swimsuit separates and I MUST have an underwire.  I hate trying to find a suit, because most underwired tops are full of unnecessary padding, but this one is padding free!  I also think that the top could be mixed with other bottoms. 

At first glance what do you think?

Can you tell that the top and bottom are not the same brand?  This suit is on ebay, but the top is ESPRIT and the bottoms are RAISINS.

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"The Wild Life" said...

I love the top...not so sure about the bottoms. $35 is a great deal...sorry, I'm too much help.