Sunday, April 11, 2010

Parental Moment

If you are not watching Modern Family, please start.  It is my favorite new show.  It is nothing but fun. The clip below shows Mitchell and Cameron having a "parental moment," which everyone can relate to in some way. 

We try our best, but there is always a time when you feel like a horrible parent.  I lost Q in Wal-Mart once when he was three.  He took off running down the aisle and turned left, so in my early twenty something mind I thought that I would outsmart him. So, I ran the opposite direction and into the next aisle, believing I would cut off his escape route, but he never appeared in the next aisle.

I searched for several seconds before I freaked out and ran to the service desk, but the lady was on the phone.  I started to ask her to do an intercom call, but she put her finger up telling me to wait!  I must have had steam blowing out of my ears when I said, "He's lost and he is only three, I don't have time to wait for you to finish your phone call!"

So, she gave me a dirty (judgmental look) and started to make the announcement just as another employee came walking up to the desk holding Q's hand.  He was was grinning at me in a mocking way, as if to say, Haha Mommy, you just failed the good mommy test.

Next, the service desk lady scolded me and said, "We would have had to have a store wide lock down if he hadn't been found. Maybe next time you'll watch your little brother more closely."

This was to look on Q's face when she called him my brother....

I was too embarrassed to correct her and it was easier to let her believe I was just an irresponsible teenager.

There are other moments I could supply you with, but you get the drift.  We all fail at times, but our hearts are in the right place. 

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