Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Have a Type

I have given up hope that I would EVER be able to change one, but I will always love the bad boys.  I married one and then spent my twenties and thirties trying to figure out what to do with him.  My real life bad boy, PROMISES he will cut his weed overgrowth on May 8th, which is the date on his last Snip N' Clip receipt from 2009.  Anyone want to place bets? 

Here are my current favorites....

Ian Somerhalder  (Vampire Diaries)

I am digging how the shirt matches his eyes. His VP character, Damon Salvatore, is perfection. 

Gerard Butler 

I am printing this photo and making JP take it to the Snip N' Clip. The dark color and hints of gray would work for him. I am sure he will cooperate.

Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights)
He is the baby of the group.  He is only 29, so he has many bad boy years ahead of him.