Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thanks Lucky Mama!

My longtime friend, Lucky Mama, sent me a text last night to let me know she had found my Jennifer Aniston shoes for less!  They are still pricey at $170, but that is $205 dollars cheaper. Should I go for it or keep looking (remember I do have a kid in college)? 

I think I would wear them everyday this summer.  They seem versatile, don't you agree?

Things to consider before I take the plunge:

Puppy (needle) teeth...I have every intention of picking them up, but what if?

What if they aren't bad would that suck?

I still need gas, food and wine (not necessary in that order). 

When my mother reads this post she will think I have lost my mind, although the blame is solely (pun intended) hers.  She made me wear saddle oxfords (to correct my pigeon toes) and the humiliation was so damaging, I developed shoe snobbery.

I am making fun of these awful shoes, but I just downloaded this picture from Saks.  You can buy them at Saks Fifth Avenue for $52...don't do it, I am begging you! I am having white shoe polish flashbacks.

Don't they make crystal meth with this stuff nowadays???


"The Wild Life" said...

I say "go for it"
Make sure you ALWAYS pick them up, (so no doggie teeth). They WILL be could they not?? It's all about balance...maybe, this is your SPLURGE item of the season???
You poor thing, having to wear those un-slightly deserve these shoes!! I consider myself a shoe-ho too...where did I get my obsession??

Earthier said...

I am glad you understand. I can always count on you! You and "Sally Hansen" are my favorite never let me down.

Dig deep into your past, I am sure your mother is also to blame!

"The Wild Life" said...

LOL!!! I meant "unsightly" not "unslightly" WTH!!! I read post too early this morning. I will dig deep into my past and get back to you. :)

Beck said...

Buy the shoes. If you don't, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

Earthier said...

I bought the shoes. They're on back order until May, so I have a couple of months to set money aside. said...

Hey, check out Michael Michael Kors Juniper Espadrilles they have the woven straps like the Jennifer Aniston ones but are soooo much more reasonable!!
You can find them at