Saturday, March 27, 2010

Is it the lighting or is it me?

Spring has officially sprung, although Mother Nature seems to be protesting. I have to wonder if she is feeling the same as I do?  Is she clinging to winter, so she can keep her arms, legs, stomach and butt covered for just a little longer?  I feel your pain MN and I am wondering if your need to dump snow on us in late March, is just you venting your frustration at the overhead lighting in the dressing room at Macy's.  

Maybe it's me Macy's, maybe my ass really does look like bubble wrap, but it doesn't look quite as bad in my bathroom..I pinky swear!   New York and Company introduced me to lovely dimples on the back of my arms, that I am now frenemies with.  The Gap didn't do me any favors either, when I met dark purple veins, waving hello (with a smile), on the back of my hamstrings.   

So, am I the commom denominator in this equation or do I get to blame the overhead lighting these stores insist on installing? 


"The Wild Life" said...

UGH!!!! Trying on clothes in stores is pure torture!!
You would think they would have awesome lighting and trick mirrors, so we women would buy more! HA!!

Earthier said...

It is torture and you're correct, I don't know why they don't invest in better lighting. It's just good business!

Beck said...

It is the lighting. I now this from the 1970s!!!