Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Bounty Hounter / Janet Evanovich Novel

I was excited to see The Bounty Hunter last night, but I found myself shifting in my seat, and hoping it would get better.  I am a big fan of both the main actors, so I can't say I hated it, but I was hoping that I would want to see it again and I don't.  I am easy to please too. I saw The Proposal twice while it was in the theater and then paid to watch it on TV when it came out.  My point is, I enjoy most romantic comedies, and don't expect anything more than a few laugh out loud moments, eye candy and good fashion.  The Bounty Hunter failed (in my opinion) on all three of my requirements.  Gerard is a beautiful man, but his plaid shirt (he wore the majority of the movie) did nothing for him and he normally oozes with masculinity. 

A blame part of the problem on the theater for only having the front speakers on.  The side speakers were off, so I didn't get the benefits of surround sound.  Surround sound gives off an interactive vibe with the film, so I sort of felt like I was listening to my own TV.  The lack of "movie noise" made it hard to lose myself in the film, since I was distracted by hands digging into popcorn and the smallest of coughs. 

The movie also reminded me of a  Janet Evanovich book I recently read.  If you have read any books from her bounty hunter series you will know what I am talking about.  Her books have wacky characters that are dangerous, yet humorous in offbeat ways.  The movie had similar characters, took place in Atlantic City and was about bounty hunters and thugs...very similar to the Stephanie Plum character in the Evanovich books.

Does anyone know if the screenplay for this moive was based off one of the Evanovich books?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. I'll see it no matter what because I love both of them. I have to admit the plaid shirt does nothing for Gerald.

Beck said...

Okay, I was anonymous, but my comment stands.

Beck said...

I was anonymous, but my comment still stands.

Earthier said...

Becky...I can see you now! You should still go and see the movie. I was just hoping it would be GREAT, but is was just okay. Thanks for reading and commenting, it makes this more fun!