Thursday, February 18, 2010

I love it...I hate it.

What does having an empty nest mean? It means that the bedroom door that was once closed to shut you out is still closed, because you can't stand to see the empty room.

I don't miss the messy hall bathroom, but I do miss the slamming of cabinet doors and the sound of cereal being poured into a bowl.

I don't miss anxiously waiting to hear the garage door go up on a late Saturday night, only because the worry consumes you. I do miss the comfort of knowing he is asleep in his own bed and the rumpled hair when he emerges each morning.

I miss the closed bedroom door, with rap music and Halo explosions escaping through the door. I even miss the muted cuss words that would filter down the hall when the video games "freaking cheated."

I miss you baby year ago today, we were at the state finals watching you kick ass. Once a Jaguar and now a make us proud.

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