Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cute...wouldn't you agree?

For $149,900 this is a nice little place.

I would have to change the floors, possibly plank hardwood. I approve of the front door and the larger white trim. Not crazy about the stair placement, but it does have rod iron spindles, so kudos to that.

Yes, I agree, this needs some help. I like the white cabinets, especially for such a small space, but there needs to be more separation between the kitchen and front room. I am thinking that the refrigerator needs to move (not sure where) and then a bar could be built from the wall, making more of a U shaped working space. Upgrading the counter tops could do wonders. time clean up your mess before you snap the photo...geez.

This is cookie cutter, but with a little paint and the right shower door it could be cute.

Decent windows, easy to change the ceiling fan to something more interesting and I LOVE that it is on the bottom level of the house.

Check out the whole house here:


"The Wild Life" said...

I LOVE this house!!! Are you telling us something??

Earthier said...

It is a well known fantasy!

Thanks for helping me get my blog in order are forever my friend.

Earthier said...

This is not my dream house, but I so want to move! I just ran across this house in my search and thought it was an awesome deal for first time buyers! I just checked it again and it has dropped $10.000!!!