Monday, September 21, 2015

Goorin Bros. Established 1895

I love a good hat shop, but the city I live in doesn't have one, so when visiting other cities I get very excited. Hat shops have a special vibe that I don't know how to describe, but charming comes to mind. I love trying them on and finding one that feels like "me" and doesn't make me feel like a complete fool.

Goorin Bros. hat shop in Wicker Park, Chicago was perfect. The second you walk in you sigh with contentment.  It does feel like stepping back in time, maybe even to Paris where Chanel started her fashion career with a hat shop. There are so many great hats you have to take one loop around the store, before you even begin to try them on.

They package the hats in a fun way too, wrapping each hat in it's own hat box.  Wished all my shopping was as nostalgic and fun as this one.

 The store is decorated like and old apothecary shop.

The hats were displayed well, making them easy to try on. 

 Wicker Park is a great area for shopping and has a cool vibe. If you are ever in Chicago it is worth setting  a day aside to visit to shop and have lunch. 

Hats for every persons style...I dare you to walk out with just one!

Cute packaging just added to the charm of the store.

Check out the hats I purchased HERE and HERE.

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